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Paul D. Harold, P.E. Owner

Summary: Mr Harold completed his Bachelor's degree in 1978. In 1984 he received his Professional Engineer's license. Mr Harold has been involved in machine design for over 30 years. He is a co-inventor of a Patented 30,000 psi abrasive slurry pump. Mr Harold is a talented machine designer and his design experience spans a wide variety of equipment including marine deck equipment, automated manufacturing equipment, food processing equipment, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic drives, crane hoisting and traveling equipment, high pressure pumps and valves, and entire pumping, filtering and piping systems. He can work at any level from close tolerance component design to complex systems. Mr Harold has lead design teams and managed production of complex equipment projects.

Education: B. S. in Agricultural Engineering with an emphasis in power and machinery from the University of Idaho in December 1978.

Certification: Licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer in the State of Washington (#22241) since 1984.

Professional Positions:

Alloy Frame Systems, Seattle, WA
Title: Production Manager
Duties: Design and publication of Product Catalog, procurement of resale products, selecting vendors for products, developing in-house manufacturing methods and procedures, and design of in-house automated manufacturing machinery.

Hinds-Bock Corporation. Redmond, WA
Title: Sr. Design Engineer
Duties: Design of various types of automated food depositing equipment.

CNA Manufacturing Systems, Inc. Redmond, WA
Title: Sr. Design Engineer
Duties: Design of various types of custom automated manufacturing equipment.

EN-TEC, Kent, WA
Title: Consulting Engineer
Duties: Design of various systems based on customer needs, producing estimates and proposals for projects with potential customers.

FlowDril Corporation, Kent, WA
Title: Project Engineer
Duties: Design of Ultra-high pressure system assemblies and pumping, filtering and piping systems. Liaison, supervision and expediting of system fabrication and assembly. Preparation and administration of budgets for development projects.
Accomplishments of Note: Patent for 30,000 psi slurry pump.

Flow Industries, Inc. Kent, WA
Title: Design Engineee
Duties: Designed prototype equipment for application of high pressure fluid jet cutting.

Crane Consultants, Inc. Seattle, WA.
Title: Design Engineer
Duties: Design of hoists, drives and other elements for production cranes. Analysis, design and studies for upgrading and certifying existing cranes and lifting devices.

Agricultural Engineering Dept. of The University Of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho
Title: Research Assistant
Duties: Design, Fabrication and Testing of various types of experimental farming and logging equipment.


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